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Dave B's New Peshitta Research Site, compliments of Dan Gan
Dan has kindly offered his web site for my articles on The Peshitta Bible codes and primacy word studies.

Here is an intro to one of the articles I have posted there for you to read: Greek & Aramaic in The Peshitta NT

Here is a word-translation study in The Peshitta- (1905 Syriac NT- Online Bible) and The 1991 Byzantine Greek NT

The premise of this study is that The Greek NT , in all of its forms and text types, (Majority Byzantine and Westcott & Hort Ed. are studied here), is a translation of The Peshitta-Peshitto New Testament (Western 27 book canon). In the Greek text we find The Aramaic root word for ???Aramaic??? was translated into the Greek word for ???Greek??? almost consistently (20 out of the 22 occurrences of ???Aramaic??? ).

(Do you catch the drift of this finding ?)

This is a symbolic and microcosmic phenomenon , highlighting with 20 red flags from Mark to John through Acts, Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Colossians and Revelation 9:11-Crawford ms., the fact that The Greek New Testament is a radical cultural modification of The original Aramaic New Testament behind it ???( The Peshitta NT text)-I will use this title to refer also to The Western Peshitto),which is translated ,quite literally, from ???Aramaic??? to ???Greek???.

The converse scenario (Greek to Aramaic) cannot hold, as I will demonstrate further on.

The words are :In the Greek text "ellhn, ellhnisthv" ,which mean ,???a Greek???,???Greek language??? while The Peshitta has in its place [font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]"aymra"[/font] -(???Aramaean???) and , [font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]"tymra - tymra"[/font] ,(???Aramaic???) & [font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]"aynwy , tyanwy"[/font]???(???a Greek???, ???Greek language???).

This study will support the premise that The majority of Greek mss. represent a text that was translated from the Aramaic of The Peshitta NT and that in 20 out of the 22 places [font=Estrangelo (V1.1)]the words, "tyamra , tymra, aymra"[/font] ,-(???Aramaean, Aramaic???) occur, the Greek translator substituted the words,"ellhn, ellhnisthv"-(???Greek???).

This holds for The Byzantine text and for Westcott & Hort???s critical edition- (19 out of 22 for W&H NT).

The links for this and other articles are:

The article quoted above is - Greek & Aramaic in The Peshitta NT.

I will update these on my Bible codes forum. There are Bible Codes articles also. Original NT Discovered is 27 pages summarizing
codes studies I have done. What is a Bible Code ? may be helpful to some also.

I will be uploading more soon.

Shlama w' burkhtha,

Dave Bauscher
Now there you go Dave!

Devoid of personal opinions and the facts can speak for themselves. Good Job Dan and Dave!
Thanks Dave. I hope many will read & consider the facts presented.

God bless,

Shlama, Dave,
You should post this topic into Aramaic Primacy section, not into the General.
Sounds very, very interesting to me. I am not familiar with the subject of coding. You have done a great research on the subject. When I have free time, I am going to study your articles thoroughly.
Anyway, I am curious if the Scriptures somehow name your kind of investigations or is it a biblical theme or ... it is some kind of divination?
Akhi Ivan,

I have a forum here called "Aramaic Bible codes". Please go to it &
click on the most recent post. There are quite a few links to my articles on
codes and Peshitta primacy.
I will post these on the primacy page as well. Thanks.

Shlama w'burkhtha ,

Dave Bauscher

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