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Bible Codes in Peshitta
Shlama Akhi Rafa,

One of the major objections to my book, Divine Contact, has been that it is very difficult to understand. I wanted to use low level analysis, as that was all that was needed to test the hypothesis- a simple test which most code researchers could repeat. That is the beauty of it-simplicity. If I had resorted to a more esoteric method-perhaps Divine name ELS proximity to surface Divine names, I would have had an even smaller audience and more criticism than I am getting now. No, I want to keep this as simple as possible and the analysis as simple as possible.

Perhaps there are deeper levels of codes. I would not be surprised. I see them as Divine watermarks validating the text as Divine in origin, so I do not spend a lot of time studying them now, or talking about them. I am much more interested in the text and message of scripture. It has a life giving power in itself that never ceases to amaze and draw me deeper into the light of Truth.

So you still believe Bible codes exist; you are just not a fanatic now?

Brendan McKay (code skeptic) came up with a Hanukah cluster of seven "codes" in a short 1123 letter section of the Hebrew version of War and Peace. One of the 7 Hanukah terms is 7 letters long. Many skeptics raved, "See, codes can be found anywhere!"
Nathan Jacobi, a colleague of Ed Sherman of BibleCodesDigest.com, and others have found 1600+ terms in Isaiah 53 (1584 letters) all related to the Messiah'. The longest ELS is 73 letters long. There are 61 terms 7 or more letters long and 27 that are 15 or more letters long. All are related to the surface text content of Isaiah 53. None of the Hanukah terms of War & Peace is. Thus far, neither McKay nor anyone else has come anywhere close to finding anything like the Isaiah 53 cluster. The Hanakuh cluster is a joke, statistically speaking. The Isaiah cluster is mind boggling. Practically every letter of Isaiah 53 is also a code letter which occurs in several code terms at once! And there is more I have not even touched on.
There are other such clusters in Psalm 22 and Exekiel 37 which dwarf any paltry examples code skeptics can point to in non Bible texts. All this can be read in Ed Sherman's Bible Code Bombshell, a must read for those who want to understand the subject.
On the title page of my bookDivine Contact, I have illustrated a Psalm 22 cluster I found. The book is available as a free download from my web site:

Got to run.

Thanks for the post!

Hi Dave.

I would like to ask you a few questions about your statements to make certain I understand you clearly.

You said:

???An addition or subtraction of one letter to the text cancels out all the long codes I have found.???

???The long codes (25 to 191 letters long) I have found occur only in the initial module Roy sent me (461,094 letters).???

???You see, Roy had made a few mistakes in his initial module. He had Luke 6:14 duplicated, one after the other, in his pasting of the text, & with all spaces removed; it is very difficult to see the error. He had also added a letter in each of two other verses in 2 John and Revelation. I look at the long gospel poetry codes as a sign of God's providence in foreseeing the exact text Roy would send me with the 51 extra letters added to the 1905 edition and putting the 8 long codes in that edition and in no other.???

Q: How do you say God Put the 8 long codes in Roy???s mistakenly added verse and extra letters in his edited edition he sent you?

Q: Are the 8 long codes still valid and inspired in your judgment? And do you still make mention of these long codes as proof to show the Aramaic as the original in your books and website?

Also you said:

???One is the critical edition I used, with a few modifications, which I will address later.???

Q: Is this the 1905 edition Roy sent you and is it available without Roy???s 51 letter mistaken editorial additions?
Hi Chuck,

I will answer the first question with a quote from an earlier post:
Quote:I see it as Divine providence and foreknowledge in selecting Roy's mis edited edition as the one in which to put long Gospel messages in Aramaic and Hebrew, just to get my attention. It was because I found those long codes that I decided to pursue the question of whether God coded The Peshitta, by searching for 95 Divine Titles and Names as they occur in the Hebrew and Aramaic Bibles. The results are very definitely positive for The Peshitta; negative in the control texts, and it matters not which Peshitta version in which I search these Names- Eastern 22 book canon (I had no true Eastern edition to search as I do now), or 2 Western editions, the results are the same.

I believe the long codes were put there by God; in that sense, they are inspired. I suppose one could argue that some other super advanced being would have been able to put such codes in a text which was edited by Roy Reinhold in AD 2000, but apart from God, I cannot imagine what being that could be, since it would have had to possess omniscience, since the codes depend on extremely large skips between code letters for all the long codes (17,000- 99,000) and hence exact letter arrangement of The Peshitta plus the added 51 letters. I cannot believe they are unintentional. They are far too long (up to 191 letters long) and complex (Gospel poetry in Hebrew and Aramaic parallelism) to occur randomly. Some are Hebrew poetry reading right to left and Aramaic when reading it backward, and yet all is a thematic unit of poetry on the same theme! I cannot simply dismiss them as 8 wild freak accidents in a row in the same text, going through the NT each, once or several times!

The module Roy sent me has the long codes; it also has the short Name codes in highly significant numbers; the corrected edition has the short Name codes in roughly the same numbers and with the same statistical significance; it does not have the long codes. Codefinder is now issued with The corrected Peshitta module of 461,043 letters. The old one is also available, as Roy made the old module available on my web site (which he has kindly set up and maintained for me) on The "Peshitta Research" page.

Blessings and Grace,


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