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Someone hates Maryah!!! :X >: :X >:
Thank you Paul. I assume that shlm akhy would be 'peace brother' - if so, back at you. We must remember that labels applied to languages and nations normally originate from either the name of a person, or event or environmental factor. I reckon that early humanity, i.e. early Adam had a common speech akin to what we label 'Semetic' languages although a lot less 'scientific' in structure [if you catch my drift] and as tribes and nations developed these expanded into differing dialects and various linguistic elements were added to them or taken away. In the case of what the scholarly establishment labels as 'Semetic', the living languages known as Aramaic, Hebrew etc etc come from a common source and retain identifiable similarities. I think a good explanation about 'Hebrew' is given below:

Quote:The term "Hebrew" is derived from the Aramaic word ABAR or
HABAR which means "to cross over." This name was given to the
Hebrew people simply because Abraham and the people who were with
him CROSSED the river Euphrates and went to Palestine. Therefore,
they were known by those who lived east of the river Euphrates
as Hebrews, that is, "the people across the river." All branches
of the great Semitic people had a COMMON speech. How could the
people of Nineveh have understood Jonah, a Hebrew prophet, had
the Biblical Hebrew tongue been different from Aramaic? There was SOME differences similar to the differences we have in English spoken in Tennessee and that spoken in New York.

Hence 'Hebrew' to me is just a dialect of the same source language as Aramaic. 'Arabic' to me is a later version of the same source language. Each developed its own peculiarities based on varying influences. Labels are made for convienience as we like to categorize things for easy examination. I think Genesis indicates the existence of 'Aramaic', which I take to be close to the early source language, and 'hebrew' is the dialect of this spoken by those who crossed over.

By the way regarding the issue about God's name I think there are simply varying titles. 'Yahovah' was told to Mosheh to indicate that 'He exists', Alaha/Elah [Lah being the main component] refers to him being a deity, a god. A rabbi once told me that shm can also mean 'title' as well as 'name' so God has many titles like Shaddai, Elyon etc etc to indicate to us that he is mighty, powerful, kind etc etc.

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