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_The Peshitta Holy Bible_ translated by David Bauscher
mistranslation at Mt 12:11

The Greek Mt 12:11 mistranslated the original Aramaic as having "to wake, to rouse" a sheep that had fallen into a pit. A better rendition of the Aramaic would be "preserve the life" of the sheep.

"The New Testament and Rabbinic Hebrew" by Jan Joosten, in _The New Testament and Rabbinic Literature (Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism)_ (2010), 569pp., 333-348, on 338
Raising a sheep?
A philological detail in the Gospel text that has drawn relatively little attention is the use of the verb ἐγείρω with reference to a sheep fallen into a pit. Having been asked whether it is licit to heal on the Sabbath, Jesus brings an example:
Matt 12:11 ....καὶ _ἐγερεῖ_;
He said to them, “Suppose one of you has only one sheep and it falls into a pit on the sabbath, will you not lay hold of it, and _lift it out_?” (NRSV)

The translation of the NRSV, although contextually serviceable, does not accurately render the Greek text. The verb ἐγείρω means “to wake, to rouse,” and hence “to raise, to help to rise” (in intransitive usage: “to rise”). It is not the _mot juste_ in the present context. To put it somewhat simplistically, when a sheep falls into a pit, its problem is not that it is in a fallen position but that it is stuck in the pit. Consequently, one will not “raise it up,” but “pull it out,” or “lift it out.” Most translations, ancient and modern, disregard the Greek, in fact, substituting more suitable expressions.20
20 Partly, the translations may reflect the parallel text in Luke 14:5 where the verb ἀνασπάω, “to pull out,” is used (see below in the excursus).

qwm vb. a/u to rise; to stand; to last
1 to rise Com. --(a) to prevail BA-Da. (a.1) to recover from an illness JBA. --(b) to rise to an occasion Palm, Hat. --(c ) to rise from sleep, wake up Qum, Syr, JBA.
2 to stand, to be raised up ....
D .... 4 to preserve JLAtg. --(a) to preserve life JLAtg, PTA, Sam, LJLA.

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