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_The Peshitta Holy Bible_ translated by David Bauscher
_Was the New Testament Really Written in Greek?: A Concise Compendium of the Many Internal and External Evidences of Aramaic Peshitta Primacy_ PDF:
Appendix D – The Aramaic Peshitta Saves Faiths

Why would I drone on and on about the Peshitta’s superiority over Greek copies, when I can just let the people explain to you how their faiths were saved?

"Thanks for assisting me in my quest to figure out why there are different words between Greek-based versions. Honestly, your work and Andrew Roth’s work have practically saved me from abandoning faith in the Bible, and more importantly, the God of the Bible! I was SO sick of looking at one version of the Bible, then another, just to find completely different words being used. How am I supposed to get to know God if I can't even have His REAL Word? So, my frustration turned to anger, anger to rage, rage to wrath, wrath to disowning God. But finding the Peshitta’s Truth and its specific Truths in your work, made me just go "WOW God! I love you so much!!!" It was a crucial stepping stone to trusting God again. His Ruach started the whole thing, but coming back to Him in Truth was absolutely vital, and yes, your work definitely helped me do that! It just makes sense. And what I like about it is that it is the TRUTH, discovered by you. Finding your work was so exhilarating; it was like discovering a dinosaur of a website bigger than any previously known! No I am not that guy whose faith was saved by your work from years ago, but it goes to show you that your work has the same effect by the power of the Ruach as it did on that other guy. Due to errors in the Greek version/s my faith was twaddling in the pigpen, and I just had a burning intuition that the New Testament was written in Hebrew. After watching the Passion of the Christ, I decided to do a wikipedia search for Aramaic, and there you and Andrew Roth were!!! I actually got introduced to his work through yours, and so his tremendous help is thanks also to you!

Anyway, I poured hours into your work, devouring it and feeling my faith come alive again when reading how Alaha Abba HAD INDEED preserved something special for me after all!!!!! It was then that my faith was increased enough to pray again, and praise again, and love Him again. So, thank you for your labors, and yes you can use my testimony, as I know personally how effective they can be. That is one of the first places I looked in your work for credibility. And seeing some Joe-schmoe from China or Australia give a personal testimony rang MUCH truer to your authenticity than having a couple of well-known scholars write up a professional review for you. Thanks again for your precise mind and heart into this work, and I look forward to your completed edition. Also, my heart goes out to you, do not be discouraged. Please, see how Satan is attacking you. Your work hurts him. THE original Bible... Heck, you probably have a special satanic agent working against you!!! But be of good cheer, your persecution is of righteousness’ sake, because your labors are undoubtedly of the Ruach, and your own spirit tells me that. I just encourage you to continue living in the light, and it will eventually break through, just as dawn turns into day! You’ve helped me tremendously, so likewise I will freely help you all that I can, by proclaiming the message of Alaha Abba’s Truth. I've already shared your work, freely of course, with a pastor who loves it. I heavily recommend “Was the New Testament Really Written in Greek?” It rocked my world!”
Ryan Dooley, USA

"My name is Scott and I would like to thank you very much for your web site. It started a few years ago, give or take. I was reading 2 Samuel 21:19. In the King James and most other translations today (after the Hebrew text) will either add (1 Chron. 20:5 ) to this or say Goliath did this. This might be fine for some, but not for me. The reason for this is I went to Bible College and my high view of Scripture (Some people seem to think that it's the message that counts, but my thoughts are that if the Scripture is flawed then the message might be too). As a result this GREATLY shook my faith. Those days were horrible. I never want to enter a shaking like that ever again. At the time, I had been a Born Again Pentecostal 15+ years. Next my friend picked up a book called "Misquoting Jesus" by Bart D Ehrman, thinking he was doing me a favor. This once again, looked very bleak, for after I read the Introduction...I again began to feel those feelings of being shaken. I somehow came across your web site shortly there after. I began to look into it and once again I feel joyous and beautiful. My Bible has once again been given to me. I ordered Lamsa's paper back Bible and once I get it will have it rebound. Thank you for your web site, your time and patience in reading this lengthy email and strengthening my faith. May the Lord add blessing upon blessing to your life...THANK YOU.”
Scott Glenning, USA

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