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_The Peshitta Holy Bible_ translated by David Bauscher
Re: 'perish' in Jn 3:16, it was first written as an Aramaic word.
G View a KWIC
1  to be lost, disappear  Com. BT Zev 110a(15) .... a deficiency (in the incense) is as if it was lost. TgPs41:6 : .... (a) p.p. lost  Com. CPA(le97) Is 11:12 .... and He shall gather the lost ones of Israel. OS LkCur15:9 .... rejoice with me for I have found my coin that had been lost. GregOr 13 15.4.19 .... he searches for the one who is lost. (b) p.p. someone who has lost something  PTA. TN Deut32:28 .... a nation devoid of counsels. © p.p. fem. something lost: see ....  (d) w. l_ + possessor : to lose something  Syr, JBA. P 1S9:20....  BT AZ 61a(20) .... sometimes he loses an animal, and he ascends (the date palm) to look for it.

2  to perish  Com. Mt Jer 10:11 .... may they disappear from the earth and from beneath this heaven. TN Num17:27 .... look, we are finished, we are destroyed, we all have perished. P Prov11:7 .... BT San 111a(37) :  ....  woe for the ones who perish and are not found [i.e. who cannot be replaced]. (a) to be transient, perishable  Com. TAD B1.1 R13 .... 2 shekels of silver, a perishing shekel and a permanent shekel. P Ps1:6 .... 

3  to be deprived of (w. d.o. or mn)  Gal, Syr. SYAP 65:3 .... hard is the loss you have suffered. ES3 478:22 .... I have been deprived of your glory.
4  to err, go astray  Syr. Kays 257:15 .... our people have erred and lost the truth.

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1  to destroy, ruin  JLAtg, Gal, PTA, Sam, Syr, JBA, LJLA. TgO Lev19:23....  three years it should be removed for destroying, it may not be eaten. TgJ Jer23:1 .... the leaders who destroy and scatter the people upon whom My name is called. BR 1096:3(1) .... you have destroyed her husband (=EchRB 55:7). TN Deut22:9 .... that you not destroy the complete sowing. ESNisB1 67:1....  IshDan 132(5) .... which he should not reveal to anyone lest he destroy their memory. BT Git 57b(17)....  (a) +šm: to annihilate one's family line  OA. Sf.2.b7.... 
2  to lose something  Gal, JBA. VR 56:1(1) .... he loses his own (money) and that of others.

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1  to destroy, to ruin  BADan, JLAtg, Gal, CPA, PTA, Sam, Syr, LJLA. Dan2:12 .... TgJ Ez32:13....  SYAP 26:13.... he sought to destroy his genetic line, but the Preserver preserved him. TN Gen6:3.... to destroy and finish off the generation of the flood from the world. CPA Luke17:27(233a) .... the flood came and destroyed them all. P Mt10:39....  PJ Gen4:23.... did I not destroy the lad on whose account they will destroy my descendants?. (a) to eliminate  JLAtg, Syr, LJLA. TgO Lev23:30.... FTP Gen49:22....  visions and thoughts eliminate humans from the world. P Gn18:23.... PJ Deut9:3.... you should drive them out and eliminate them right away. (a.1)  to sink something  Syr. amB 3 245:9 .

2  to lose, to let go  Syr, JBA. PT Tan 66d(62)....  anyone who lost anything. IA1 4:v39.... I shall not lose you since you have found me; do not lose me in that I have found you. BT Šab 152a(10).... ‏  before I have lost something (for good) I search for it. (a) to forfeit  Gal. PTSot19.a:30[2].... ‏  then she should demand her ketubbah while forfeiting her sustenance. (b) to give up something  Gal. BR 770:7(1).... God forbid that I should ever lose hope in my creator.

3  to be destroyed, to be killed (i.e. = passive !)  BADan, LJLA. Dan2:18....  TgJob4:20.... 
4  to lead astray  Syr. ChrPsD 253:4.... if a person wants ... he would not be led astray.

Gt View a KWIC
1  to be lost  Gal, CPA, Sam, JBA, LJLA. VREd 796:3.... Marqe 3.856 . (a) w. l_ + possessor : to lose   JBA. BT Ḥul 95b(39) ....  he lost a large intestine in the store room.

Dt View a KWIC
1  to perish  Sam. Marqe 3.866 .

quad T View a KWIC
1 ....  to be lost (intentionally??)  JBAg. HP Sassoon(1) 131.31 .... afterwards the geṭ was lost.
For Palm. see s.vv. brr and bry. The unique Quad t form is probably a scribal error.

ˀbd n.m.   disappearance, ruin
ˀbdh, ˀbdtˀ (ˀaḇdā, ˀaḇdṯā) n.f.   something lost
ˀbdn, ˀbdnˀ (ˀaḇdan, ˀaḇdōn; ˀaḇdānā, ˀuḇdānā) n.m.   destruction, ruin
ˀbdny (ˀaḇdānāy) adj.   harmful, ruinous
byt ˀbdn n.m.   grave
br ˀbdnˀ n.m.   one destined for perdition
ˀbyd (ˀabbīḏ) adj.   ruined, lost
ˀbydw, ˀbydwtˀ (ˀabbīḏū, ˀabbīḏūṯā) n.f.   perversity; loss
ˀbydh, ˀbydtˀ (ˀaḇīḏā, ˀaḇīḏtā) n.f.   something lost
ybydh n.f.   lost object
bwd vb.   to perish
hwbd n.m.   destruction
ybd vb.   to be lost
mwbdn (mawbǝḏān, mawbǝḏānā)   destroyer
mwbdnw, mwbdnwtˀ (mawbǝḏānū, mawbǝḏānūṯā) n.f.   destruction

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