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_The Peshitta Holy Bible_ translated by David Bauscher
'"Deuterocanonical" is not canonical.  Apocrypha is not canonical"
The Roman Catholics consider all their books "canonical."
Ditto that for the Eastern Orthodox.

"The Hebrew canon was settled long before Jesus' birth"

"The form of this text that is authoritative for Rabbinic Judaism is known as the Masoretic Text(MT)"
What is "Rabbinic Judaism"?   (Judaism as it was re-formulated following the utter destruction of Jerusalem and its temple in A.D. 70?)
When did the "Masoretic Text" take shape?  (around A.D. 900?)

"Have you looked at a Hebrew Bible?"  Yes.  I think I own 2 copies.

"Jesus never quoted anything but those books with the phrase- "it is written"."
Did Jesus ever allude to material contained in any deuterocanonical books?

"who has translated the TaNaK from the Peshitta?"
You, and Lamsa. Gorgias Press is coming out with translations of the Peshitta OT books, but I doubt it's being all done by 1 person.

"Lamsa.... mixed a lot of KJV readings from the Hebrew Massoretic Bible in many passages where the Peshitta text differs from the Hebrew readings"
Yuck.  Good to know.

"Your appeal to Maccabees is badly lacking as a quotation of scripture"
My quotation of someone talking about Maccabees didn't say Maccabees was quoted.

"Just because Peshitta ms. Ambrosianus has the Apocrypha does not mean that the Apocrypha is God written scripture, any more than it means that Josephus' Wars, Book 6 is God written scripture, which also is contained in the same Peshitta Codex Ambrosianus."

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