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_The Peshitta Holy Bible_ translated by David Bauscher
Codex Alexandrinus provides additional evidence that Christians in the first few centuries of Christianity utilized the 'deuterocanonical' OT books.

Codex Alexandrinus Table of Contents

"The Apocrypha is not part of the Hebrew canon, nor the Christian canon"
Reasoning/evidence that "the Apocrypha is not part of... the Christian canon"?
When was "the Hebrew canon" formulated? (after Jesus died and rose?)
'Deuterocanonical' OT books appear in the Peshitta OT, LXX, Codex Vaticanus, Codex Sinaiticus, and Codex Alexandrinus.

"Who else do you know that's translated the entire Peshitta Old Testament as well as the NT?"
Lamsa translated most but not all of the Peshitta OT, since he didn't translate the Peshitta's 'deuterocanonical' OT books.

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