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_The Peshitta Holy Bible_ translated by David Bauscher
Steve Caruso at
The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon (CAL) has the Peshitta Old Testament based on the Leiden Critical Edition. However, it's a tool that takes some practice to use well:
Click on "Search the CAL Lexical and Textual Databases" on the left.
Then click on "Text Browse"
Then select "Syriac" and hit "Submit."
Scroll down in the list to the 62000 block (P Gn, P Ex, P Lv, etc.). Those are the Peshitta OT entries.

(05-06-2019, 09:00 PM)Luc Lefebvre Wrote: Actually, it declared itself independent in A.D. 424. The great schism in A.D. 1054 was the other Orthodox churches from the Church of Rome.
Gorgias Press Antioch Bible is the only Peshitta OT to include all the books, but from what I've read I actually don't really like their translation style. Some weird gender forms in there, reminiscent of the 2011 NIV. Plus, there's the cost...

Yes, I see that they're quite pricey.

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