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New Peshitta Interlinear and Plain English modules for E-Sword
After many years of reading articles here at and other research ThirdWoe is 100% spot on in that there are Western texts and an Eastern text of the Aramaic Peshitta (and all others are either mistaken or defiantly ignoring the truth). The Western texts were/are simply the Eastern Peshitta revised with Greek readings, of which some definitely change a theological stance.

And I agree that if one wants to use the Western Aramaic Peshitto to translate from there is nothing wrong with doing such so long as they do not call it a translation of the Greek texts or for that matter the Eastern Aramaic Peshitta text.

And if one uses the Western Aramaic texts to translate from I would not expect them to delete parts of it that are not in the Eastern Aramaic texts, but neither would I expect for one claiming to translate from the Eastern Aramaic texts to add the Western Aramaic Peshitto reading into it.

Last but not least if one is claiming to make a literal translation then by all means they should keep the translation as literal as possible and leave out as much biases as literally possible. Or if they want to make more lose translation then they should clearly state that that is what they did and not claim other wise.

All in all, I do appreciate the work that Bauscher, Magiria, and Roth have done, and I use their works for studying, but I also know where and when the Western texts variate from the Eastern one (thanks to ThirdWoe and many others here at and I take all that into account when using Bauscher's, Magiria's, and Roth's works. Shame that these make a claim of having translated the eastern Peshitta when they in reality translated from the Western Peshitto though. Again it is not honest to make such false claims. And as for Bauscher claiming that he knows of no Eastern Aramaic text either shows that he is not such the Aramaic scholar that he claims to be or that he deliberately made such a false statement just to try and back up other false statements that he had already made. Roth does this too, and one has to wonder if it is to pump their ego of being a scholar, or if it is done to further fool ignorant people into buying their works. Either way it is not honest and needs to be policed within the Eastern Aramaic community, when it rares it's head, because if we do not the people searching into the Eastern Peshitta that see this descrepacy will hold us all as deceivers if we do not side against such, where by discrediting the whole Eastern Peshitta stance to many as just a bunch of lying hood winks.

I commend ThidWoe for pointing out such discrepancies in order to save the integrity of the Eastern Aramaic Peshitta community as a whole, in that there is truly an Eastern Aramaic Peshitta text an that it is uniquely different than it's Grecianized (Western Aramaic Peshitto) rendition.

1Th 5:21 (Etheridge)
Prove every thing, and what is good retain.

Eph 5:11 (Lamsa)
Have no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather condemn them.
YHWH bless thee and keep thee;
YHWH cause His face to shine on thee, and be gracious to thee;
YHWH lift up His face to thee, and give thee shalom.

Your brother in Yehoshua The Anointed One.


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