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New Peshitta Interlinear and Plain English modules for E-Sword

You are speaking of a Peshitto version of The Original Peshitta New Testament.

What David has made, is not The Original Peshitta New Testament, but rather, a western version of The Original Text, with some added content moved in from the Greek NT version.

For instance, David's version, translated strictly from the hybrid Aramaic/Greek NT text known as the UBS text, has a few Greek only passages, verses, and words, not found in any Peshitta New Testament.

Plus, he decided to add in the western 5 books, and with all these additions to the Original Text, he makes it a version, and yet, he has the gall to call it "The Original Aramaic New Testament".

Not so.

There is nothing "Original" about David's translation of the western Peshitto hybrid version.

I haven't seen his latest edition, but I wonder if he still chooses to translate "Ena Na" as "I Am The Living God". 

I was once exited about David's work, but later, when I learned what it was, and what it wasn't, I was disappointed, and when I learned that he teaches that God the Father, and God The Holy Spirit died a few moments before Jesus did... and a few other strange teachings he tried to prove were true, I decided it best to stay away from his teaching books altogether.

I hope he has got some things straight since we last spoke, and I hope one day he will be honest about what his version really is... A translation of a western hybrid text version of The Original Peshitta and not the original form of The Peshitta New Testament.

The truth must be told.


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