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Matthew 1:2-16
Shalaamu (Shlama) everyone,
     The genealogy of Matthew 1:2-16 (genealogy of יהושע Messiah) naturally can be translated back into a Semitic tongue, whether it be Hebrew or Aramaic (Syriac). Certainly, it appears that the Greek translated a Semitic original of this genealogy. Am I right?

Shalaamu (Shlama)

-- Seitz (הַלְתַּוְאַם Hal-Tawˀam)
"We have no power at all against the truth, but for the truth." -- 2 Corinthians 13:8
Shlama Thomas,

Well, it certainly makes it a strong possibility, although I know some would say that it only proves that the original names were Hebrew, not that there was a Hebrew or Aramaic text which was translated into Greek. Someone who believes that the Gospels were originally in Greek would say that Matthew spoke in Hebrew to a scribe who knew both Hebrew and Greek, who translated his spoken words into Greek. Of course, as you know, I do not believe this, but I do try to look at things from other peoples perspectives.


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