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Sad Announcement
Dear forum members.

Today it is with extreme sorrow that I've learned that our brother, long time forum administrator and tireless Aramaic Primacy advocate and scholar Stephen Silver has passed away and is in the embrace of our Father in Heaven.

The work and contributions of Stephen on this site, Dukhrana and others are immeasurable. And I am extremely saddened by the loss of a long time friend, and an incredible person.

May our Lord grant Stephen eternal rest and peace. And may our Lord keep his surviving family in peace and in the knowledge that Stephen is being comforted in our Father's mansion.

I knew Stephen through this forum and email; really cool guy with a ton to offer the world. His color-coded transcription of the Khabouris Codex, for example, has blessed many scholars. I keep a high resolution color copy of that gospel in the drawer right under my keyboard ? very handy. Even little details he compiled like helpful indexes ? I can?t even count how much time his indexes have saved me (they?re great when you?re focusing on a question and you need to spend as little time as possible searching Codex leaves and as much time as possible focusing on your study question).

Stephen will be missed here at, and his loss is weighty. His family and friends will surely have many wonderful things to say in services. He was a reliable and credible voice here at the forum, and a great supporter of Aramaic discussion and education. As Paul Younan shared, let his place be in our Father?s mansion.

[Image: Silver-Khabouris-John-14-1-3.jpg]
I got to speak with our Brother on the phone some time back, and it was a blessing to talk to him. He was a peace maker...and we know what Jesus said about them. I'm not sure if he you can read this, but thank you for all you did for the Lord.
B'shlamakh Stephen. <!-- sSad --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif" alt="Sad" title="Sad" /><!-- sSad -->
moryo neeH nafsheh!

He will me missed, his many contributions here, on the codex, and at Dukhrana were very mcuh appeciated
May He who brings comfort to His people bring comfort to all who mourn the loss of Stephen Silver. Thankful to have been able to blessed by his contributions to the body of Messiah.
God be with you, Mr. Paul Younan. I'm sorry for your loss.

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