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Aramaic primacy is NOT an official position of CoE
Shlama Borota,

Of course it's not an official position of the CoE. Haven't we been saying that forever on this forum? What is this post in response to?

The articles in question in the pamphlet (especially the one written by Mr. Shamoun Shamoun) are written by ordinary lay people. It's just a newsletter.

But besides that, why would we accuse them of "heresy?" There are many opinions in the CoE regarding this topic, there are clergy and laymen who are Aramaic Primacists and there are clergy and laymen who are Greek Primacists. It's not a central tenet of the CoE, or any church, really. It's certainly not dogma or something worthy of the label, "heresy."


PS - The "Jennifer Younan" on the pamphlets, the teaching coordinator at the parish, is my 1st-cousins wife. The Priest, Qasha George, is also a good friend of mine. We may disagree about Aramaic Primacy (he was educated at the Vatican, and is a Greek Primacist), but we are both clergy in the same Church. As you probably know, both Qasha Antwan and (retired) Qasha Klutz (of St. John Parish) are Aramaic Primacists, as I am.

There is no one opinion about this, and this is not a matter of official creed.

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