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Lamsa Bible
All of the early Churches had these "Apocryphal books" in their copies of The Scriptures. Even all the Protestant groups had them all in their English translations, such as "the Geneva Bible" and "the King James Bible" from the start... In fact, you can still buy a real, full text KJV today with all its books in tact.

Cambridge, who had the rights to publish the KJV decided to remove these books from the text of the KJV in the 1800's...they were in it for over 200 years prior. ALL OT Bibles used by Christians had them in its text from the 1st century, until the 18th century.

The other churches also sometimes have more books besides the Apocrypha, like the Ethiopic church, which uses 1 Enoch (very interesting book, by the way). The Armenian church also uses III Corinthians.
As you might know a portion of The Book of Enoch is quoted in The Letter of Jude, and was highly regarded by the early Christians, I have read it, and find a lot of it quite edifying. I've never read 3rd Corinthians before.
I definitely think it qualifies as what the COE would call a "pious work". It's interesting that the book of Enoch describes Saudi Arabia as a rainforest in one part, because that would date it before most recorded history, leaving more evidence that it was genuinely written by Enoch, the seventh from Adam.
Hummm...where does it say that, Dylan?
It's 1 Enoch 28. Very interesting stuff!

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