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Mari is the Peshitta for my Master. Mathew 22:41-46, Mark 12:35-40, Luke 20:39 - 47. Maryah is the Peshitta for YHWH.
How odd that the sacred name YHWH which may be pronounced Yarweh should be changed to Maryah?
The original Hebrew for Mari is Adonai and of course the original Hebrew of Psalm 110 for Maryah is Yahweh.
Any comments
In Mark and Luke, Jesus is speaking to a crowd. In Matthew, He is speaking to the Pharisees. Psalms 110 originally calls Messiah both "My Lord", and YHWH. However, a Jewish redaction has removed YHWH from v.5 and exchanged it with Adonai (Which Jesus referred to in Matthew).

The original reading is preserved in the Peshitta, but also in other manuscripts (one from Cairo Geniza, not sure about others). Some Info on the redactions:
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So, basically, in Mark and Luke, Jesus is telling the people that Messiah is the Lord of David. In Matthew, Jesus is telling the Pharisees that He is YHWH Himself.
So nowhere is Yeshua called the son of YHWH in any scripture Greek or Aramaic Hebrew.

What do we have to learn?

Aldred, sorry for my late reply. If you look closely at NT theology, it is actually saying Jesus is YHWH Himself. "Son of God" refers to any revelation of the most high (Luke 1:32), invisible God (Col. 1.15) whom no man has seen at any time (John 1:18) nor can see (1 Tim. 6:16).

YHWH has been seen by many in the OT - as He is the Son of God.
Actually, Jesus is not only called "the Son of God" (Aramaic: breh d' Alaha) but "the unique Son of God" (Aramaic: ekhadaya d' Alaha). Jesus's unique relationship and closeness to the Father is why He is referred to as God's only Son. David is referred to in Psalm 2:6 as being begotten by God, referring to his close relationship to Yahweh. Jesus's relationship with God, however, is not barred by sin. Jesus is the sinless one and God Himself in the flesh. The relationship between God and His Son is the relationship between God and the man that He became.

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