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A mistake in the UBS text of Acts 13:14?
Could someone confirm this please...I just found what looks to be a scribal mistake in manuscript 14473 (5th-6th) century, which is said to be a Jacobite manuscript.

In Acts 13:14, the last word reads w'shab'ta' "and the Sabbath", which, according to the Khabouris Codex, the 1199 "Ashael Grant" Codex, the Mingana Codex, the 1846 Urmia printed Peshitta text, the 1886 printed Peshitta text, and Paul Younan's interlinear Peshitta text, reads, d'shab'ta' "of the Sabbath."

Here is how the last part of the verse reads with the mistake "...and they entered the Synagogue on the day and the Sabbath." And here is how it reads without it as seen in the Eastern manuscripts, "...and they entered the Synagogue on the day of the Sabbath."

This mistake then seems to have made its way into the UBS critical text via MSS 14473, or another Western MSS that has the same mistake, the UBS composite text being complied from a number of Western manuscripts in the early 20th century.

This mistake is also now days found in David Bauscher's Interlinear NT text (1st ed at least), which is a copy of the UBS text, and also in Andrew Roth's interlinear text (1st ed at least). which is also a copy of the UBS text, edited by him to change out some Western for Eastern Peshitta readings, but, I have found that he left many Western readings intact, including this scribal error. Roth's interlinear text is not a true Eastern Peshitta text. Buyer beware. I'm not sure if either David or Andrew have caught this mistake when converting their Aramaic text over to the modern Hebrew characters or not.

I hope others who may think to use this UBS text for their translation projects will at least correct this error, if not use the original Eastern Peshitta text instead... I see that Joseph Pashka's interlinear text also has it, it being from the UBS, with some Eastern readings here and there. I assume that Janet Magiera's interlinear text also has the mistake, if she didn't catch it. I don't have her interlinear at present to check, but she said she used the UBS text as her base text, and I have seen that her translation and that of The Way International are nearly identical in their readings, and they have the mistake in their Interlinear text, which has MSS 14473 used for Acts 1:1-10:21 & 12:4 to the end of the book.

Yep. It's in Magiera's Interlinear and the AENT 5th Edition. Interesting find!

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