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Every English Peshitta Translation
1. Interlinear- Paul Younan (Ongoing)

2. Aramaic English New Testament- Andrew Gabriel Roth

3. Aramaic Peshitta New Testament Translation (Standard and Messianic Versions) with Interlinear- Janet M. Magiera

4. Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament- The Way International

5. The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English with Interlinear- Glenn David Bauscher

6. Aramaic New Testament- Victor Alexander

7. The Aramaic Gospels and Acts with Aramaic Gospels and Acts Companion- Joseph Pashka

8. Aramaic New Covenant- Herb Jahn

9. Murdock New Testament- James Murdock

10. Etheridge New Testament- John Wesley Etheridge

11. Ancient Roots Translinear Bible: New Testament- A. Frances Werner

12. Holy Bible From the Ancient Eastern Text- George M. Lamsa

13. Norton's Peshitta Epistles- William Norton

14. The Testimony of Yeshua- Lonnie Martin

15. The Message of Matthew- Rocco A. Errico

16. Hebraic-Roots Version "New Testament"- James Trimm

17.The Antioch Bible- Gorgias Press (Ongoing)

18. Holy Peshitta of the Assembly of Jerusalem- Peshitta Foundation (Ongoing)

19. Logos Bible- Michael Mouseth (Includes non-canonical books, like The Gospel of Thomas and Secret Gospel of Mark)

20. Wellsprings of Torah Peshitta Translation- Rick Willis (Ongoing or cancelled)

These are all the ones I know about! Is there any other ones?
Here is another translation in the works.

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Then there is The Leiden Peshitta.

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