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The Post-scription notes (of the Gospels) in the Khabouris
I went to the Dukhrana site a few times and opended up the copy (on the internet) of the Khabouris manuscripts and there are prescription notes and postscription notes for each of the 4 Gospels. The post-scription notes add just a little more information than the prescription notes. But concerning each of post-scription notes they are not written off at the column or off to the side. The notes are written right along with the text or one could say they are imbedded along with the the Gospel writings as if one were reading the text right from Matthew all the way to the end of John's Gospel. IOW, they would appear to be part of the scriptures along with the rest of what we know as scriptures(but I know these notes would not have the same weight as the actual scriptures. You guys still with me?)

For example, "post" Matthew remarks at the end of his gospel reads (along with the text), " Completion of the proclomation of Matthew the Apostle, that was spoken and preached in Hebrew in Palestine; restored. . . ."

Mark's postscription remarks are, "Completion of the proclomation of the blessed Mark, the Apostle, that he proclaimed to the Romans - in Rome. . ."

I wish to ask that, since these notes are written right along with the text and with, basically no interruption and blends in from one Gospel to another, would these notes also be in all other Aramaic Peshitta manuscripts (in addition to the Khabouris)?? I mean, is the tradition geniune and reliable concerning the postscription remarks of the Gosepls?? Anyone know?? Is the information genuine and true that are described in these notes? Thank you.


Mike Karoules

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The Post-scription notes (of the Gospels) in the Khabouris - by Mike Kar - 06-20-2013, 09:39 PM

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