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Eshu', Eshoa, or Eshua (Calling Brother Paul)
ScorpioSniper2 Wrote:I'm thinking about using "Eshua" instead of "Eshu' " for the sake of clarity. Would this be acceptable and/or accurate?

As long as it's understood that the spelling is not the same as the pronunciation. Ayin is not the equivalent of "a" in English. It's not a vowel. It's not silent. There is no English letter or combination of letters that can represent the proper annunciation of Ayin (or for that matter, Teth, Tsade and Qoph).

The starting E is not an indication that the Yudh is missing. The starting E *is* is the Yudh. Yudh is not always annunciated by the English Y. It sometimes annunciated as the English E.

However you choose to spell the name in English, it is merely an approximation that is lacking in one way or another. "Yeshua, Eshoo, Eshua, Eshu'" are all in some way wrong.


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