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Vocalisation / audio
erwan81 Wrote:Shlomo

I was wondering if there is any plan to reformat the interlinear translation with the vocalized text. That would be a huge improvement, as I think only a handful of people can claim to be able to read the unvocalized text without any mistake...

Secondly, I know the topic of audio recordings regularly surfaced over the years, but I still think that an audio recordings of the Peshitta would be the most useful contribution possible at the moment in the field of syriac studies. I just want to encourage any native speaker reading this, he would provide a great contribution with a relatively minimal effort (A high quality audio recording device can be bought for a hundred dollars, and the recording of the NT would take around 30 hours I think).

Shaino wa shlomo,

I would like to second that.

I have reached a point that I would like to listen and memorize parts of the Peshitta in Aramaic ... however not of my own poor vocalization of an "enthusiast" but of a native speaker.

I have searched for publically available audio recordings of the Peshitta on internet and could find only the Turoyo version (mentioned by some on this forum earlier) - although comprehensible it is not the "proper" Aramaic audio I'm looking for (and I think it differs from the Eastern Peshitta as well, at least at a couple of places I checked).

What can we do to make someone read, record and make the audio of Eastern Peshitta available in mp3 ? Or, maybe there is a good audio recording of the Peshitta available already which I can purchase (recommendations, links please) ? It would obviously be someone's huge effort and commitment. I believe such resource would be of tremendous value to anyone who wants to seriously study Aramaic. Maybe there is a group of interested people who can raise funding and sponsor such project ? Then ... all that is needed is a willing lector. I do not know any, but maybe some participant here knows a willing person and can ask him/her about the possibility ?

If there was a "go ahead" for such a project, what I can offer for free is splitting the longer mp3 file with the reading into verses, I know how to do it, tried it already (with time limitations would take me a couple of months to finish).



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