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What Are the Best Translations in Everyone's Opinion?
I was bored and curious. I've just decided on my top five favorite translations of the Aramaic text:

1. Aramaic-English New Testament
2. Aramaic Peshitta New Testament Translation: Messianic Version
3. Etheridge New Testament
4. Murdock New Testament
5. The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English

Honorable mentions: The Holy Bible From the Ancient Eastern Text, Aramaic New Covenant

And the Greek just for fun <!-- sTongue --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/poketoungeb.gif" alt="Tongue" title="Poke Tounge" /><!-- sTongue --> :

1. Rotherham's Emphasized Bible
2. Young's Literal Translation
3. New American Standard Bible
4. English Standard Version
5. Holman Christian Standard

Honorable mentions: Complete Jewish Bible, New Jerusalem Bible, The Geneva Bible, New International Version
As for what we have in English today... (thankfully we will have better editions in the future)

1: AENT: ONLY If Andrew would issue just the edited Younan/Murdoch renderings, (since his Aramaic/Hebrew text is not The Eastern Peshitta text)...with no commentary section, and if he fixes all the errors still in the 5th edition, and changes all the Hebrew flavored renderings back to Aramaic as the Eastern Aramaic Peshitta actually reads, such as Alaha, MarYa, Eshu M'shikha, Rukha d'Qudsha...etc. etc...rather than Elohim, Master-YHWH, Yeshua Mashiyach, and Ruach ha Kodesh...then I would put it in the top spot for what we have available today.

2: Etheridge: But needs to be edited (Dylan?) to today's English, and the few Eastern readings his translation lacks put in...MarYa, rather than Lord, spelling should be Alaha rather than Aloha, and Eshu, rather than Jeshu...and such things.

3: Magiera: Messianic version, but it needs to go all Eastern and not half way as she has it now...too much Peshitto, and it could be a bit more literal as her Interlinear is...her regular version footnotes needs to be in the Messianic version...then it would be great, and it would move into 2nd place for me.

4: The Way International's "Word-By-Word" translation, which is now pretty much Magiera's translation today, but more literal, which I like...and like her's it is half Peshitta, half Peshitto, which is how the 4 5th-6th century MS that they used reads...and it needs to keep the Aramaic flavor in the names and titles, as sugested above.

5: Murdoch: But Andrew already fixed/is fixing <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

Can't recommend Bauscher's or Lamsa's, without major revisions... sorry to say, way too much Peshitto and KJV readings and not enough Peshitta translation to be helpful.

For the Greek version in English.

1: KJ3 Literal Translation by Jay P. Green 2010 Memorial Edition

2: The Scriptures by C.J. Koster, The Institute for Scripture Research 2009 Edition.

3: New Analytical Study Bible by James R. Kaye, Dickson Publishers 1950 Edition.

4: The Orthodox Study Bible, by Greek Orthodox Christians 2008 Edition

I actually just started working on mine earlier this week. I'm just gonna go through and update the archaic language and transliterations (conforming them to Eastern Aramaic pronunciation) for now and do the actual revision later. Considering the fact that it is in public domain and closer to the Eastern Peshitta than Murdock (and more literal), it seems like it'd be the easiest one to fix up to me! I'm think I'm gonna use Paul Younan's transliterations for the most part.

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