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Shlama Khulkon:
Once again we are approaching a mile-stone. This itime we arte 3 short of 1000 members. Not all are involved but I trust that many have learned by just reading the posts. So, within a few days we will see 1000 listed members, from 997, where the toll now stands.
My deepest thanks to Shamasha Paul Younan, the staff and a special blessing to each and every member who has showed an interest in Aramaic Primacy. Also, our thanks goes to those that are still in a learning curve and still find much of this to be overwhelming.
My deepest thanks goes to all those that chose to answer their posts with discretion and much sensitivity to all new members as they enroll.
Moreover, <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> continues to be used as a scholarly helps site and will remain to be just that so that all may benefit from knowing the Aramaic Language. There will be new additions from time to time at so all of us and many new people will be able to share intelligently in the discussions as they develop. Please continue to enjoy all of the free teaching aids at Dukhrana and from the deep discussions which make Aramaic once again a living language for all of us to enjoy, no matter which level we are at in our learning capacity.

Stephen Silver
Forum Moderator.

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