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Who is Eli/Eloi?
You need to take into account that Jesus had been tortured brutally for a long time before the crucifixion. Crucifixion is one of the most painful methods of execution and torture ever devised by the minds of mankind. Jesus' speech was possibly slightly distorted from all of the physical trauma and exhaustion He endured during His torture. He had been scourged brutally by the Romans (many convicts didn't even survive the scourging). Another possibility is that Jesus' accent made it harder for the residence of Judea, who spoke Judean Aramaic to understand the Galilean speech of Jesus. Jesus was, without a doubt, referring to His Father YHWH. "Elohi" (Syriac Aramaic version is pronounced "Alahi") is the first person possessive form of "Eloah" ("Alaha"). In Hebrew, it would be "Eloah" (the singular form of the more common plural Hebrew word "Elohim") and "Elohi". In Hebrew, Elijah is pronounced "Eli-yahu" (which means, "YHWH is my God"). In Aramaic, it is pronounced "Eliyah".

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