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Aramaic English New Testament 4th Ed.
Luc Lefebvre Wrote:Yeah, and that's one mistranslation that I forgot about! I sent in a list of things I noticed awhile back hoping that a future (5th) edition would be improved, but that one didn't make the list. If someone else e-mailed Baruch or Andrew I'm sure it would get changed in a future edition (Andrew no longer frequents this forum but keeps himself at his own website). If anyone does, bring up Galatians 1:4 as well, that's another one I forgot to mention.

can you share the whole list of things with us so that those whom have the 4th Edition could double check to see how many of them are fixed or not? Plus for the future we, whom hope to get the AENT, would know where to use whiteout to fix anythings that had not made the revisions list.

So we have Matt 13:27; Galatians 1:4; (plus) ... ... ...

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