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Aramaic English New Testament 4th Ed.
The Texas RAT Wrote:Now strictly just my opinion of the AENT Version, I think it is, most more than likely, the best there is at the moment pertaining to an English rendition of an Aramaic RC. As to whether it represents the Eastern PeshittA as claimed, or perhaps the Western PeshittO instead, this would be something to look into if one wants a English rendition of the Eastern PeshittA as opposed to the Western PeshittO.
Do you actually own a copy of the AENT now so you can make a valid opinion?

For Gary, the AENT does in fact line up with the Eastern Peshitta as opposed to the Western Peshitto (which is not a translation of the Greek as someone mentioned in this thread, but was merely influenced by it [with the exception of the "Western 5" - 2 Peter, 2+3 John, Jude and Revelation, which were not recieved into the eastern canon simply because they were not obtained directly from the Apostles or one of their direct associates themselves; a requirement for a book to be canonized in the east]).

Hope this helps.

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