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Odd Request. Is this Aramaic?
Hello all,

Let me start by saying that I've found this forum by accident while searching for some info about aramaic writing and am glad i did. I think i will be a regular reader. I'm stationed with the Army on Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and recently came across what i think may be stylized syriac script in an odd location. The writing is on the side of a rifle made in the royal armory in Mazaar-I-Sharif in about 1896. A dari/pashtu speaking friend guessed it was hebrew or aramaic. I thought it odd for this script to be on an Afghan produced item and began a quest to find a translation. At this point, I have researched as far as i can go from my location and now i am taking it to those who can more confidently confirm/deny my suspicions.

So, although i know this is way, way off topic for this forum, if you can afford a minute or two, please take a look at this photo of a similar rifle and provide any feedback/thoughts/comments you have.

Best Regards,

Johnny Kasper

[Image: 20110103181232.jpg]
Hi Johnny.

That appears to be Kufic Arabic script. Popular in Afghanistan as an early Islamic script from around the 12th century.

Thank You. I found a photo online of the same phrase and similar script.


[Image: 1896AfghanArtilleryOfficersSword-1.jpg]
Hi all,

I can see eastern Arabic numerals.
1316 in the first photo, 1314 in the second photo.
I guess these numbers mean Anno Hegirae.
Roughly calculate 1316 AH is 1897 AD.


I can't read other letters.

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