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big help with a short translation
MR Aaron.

thank you for your effort. i would have been supprised if words were formed of the hebrew and aramaic. i found the answer in paleo Hebrew. the pictorial walked hand in hand with her vision. pictures speak a thousand words.
you said: What I can say for certain, though, is that the Gematria values of these two are 19-94 respectively
i dont pay much attention to Gematria. so the numbers that you have come up with have no meaning to me, but thank you for looking. do they have any meaning to you?
The only thing we can do, if they mean nothing to you is guess... which seems grasping at straws, don't it? Perhaps Psalms 19 and 94?

Whatever you do, don't try to guess the date of Christ's Return, nor start another religious group up somewhere. There is far too much of this going on these days thanks.


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