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big help with a short translation
just wondering if those versed in aramaic and hebrew can translate this , it is from a very spiritual vision my daughter had and was found engraved above a massive door. it has 3 hebrew letters het aleph yod, and 3 aramaic letters.
one was a s with a dot underneith, what looks like a apostraphe and a g any one have any clue. i can look them up in the charts but dont know the meaning if any. any help would be appreciated.
thanks, jim
Are you listing these letters from right to left? I would think so, but I'm not assuming so.
Perhaps you can draw them and post the image/photo here.

I would think these Syriac letters are sade, zain, and peh.
good point . they were listed from left to right. so the g first the het last.
forgot to mention that the aramaic is in Estrangelo
I am not sure if this helps, but the gematria of these 2 3-letter groupings are, respectively, 19 and 42.
The last letter of the Aramaic might instead be kaf. And the second to last might be instead yud or nun. This would change the gematria also.
That leaves us with these choices (make sure you have the Estrangelo (V1.1) font):
[font="Estrangelo (v1.1)"]czp - Kzp - cyp - Kyp - cnp - Knp[/font]
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> used this to compart the text that she seen. the estrangelo was what see seen HAYS ' G
i could not figure out how to upload the image.... jim
Which apostrophe? the top-left one or the other one? Also, can you confirm if it was a gimel or an ain?
top left . can you confirm if it was a gimel or an ain ?? dont know what these are . the aramaic was all in estrangelo . i know very little in this area.
can you confirm if it was a gimel or an ain ? neither , i found what you were asking it was in modern hebrew chet, aleph, yud . in ancient (Hhet,El,yad) from left to right then aramaic letters in estrangleo script (S with a point under it, a apostriphe(no corisponding english letter) and finally a G) ????
can you confirm if it was a gimel or an ain ? sorry looking at diferent web sights and confused your question. i think i found what you are asking. the aramaic from left to right goes sadhe' , ain, gamal . i hope that this helps.
Rather than going around this again, could you simply get a picture drawn up and upload it to an image hosting site such as ImageShack?
It would make it quite a bit easier... if not, you may take a look at the alphabet table on Wikipedia.
As for the gimel/ain, I meant to confirm whether that last letter you gave as 'G' might have been an ain instead.
i found the answer that i was looking for. the engraving was above a golden door that was huge. the the sides of the doorway were also gold. the top however was made out of wood. the engraving was in the wood. i found that i had managed to cross a couple of the names of the letters. the text was from left to right 3 hebrew script and 3 aramaic estrangelo script. the two witnesses. it is Hhet,Aleph,yad,tsade(sadhe'),aleph(alap),gimal(gamal). there in no confusion on the text. the script is distinct and even though ain and gamal are close she was clearly able to distinguish between the two. she has never looked at any script before. this is a very small part of a massive vision that is still ongoing.
Hi Farmboy,

You said:
Quote: the text was from left to right 3 hebrew script and 3 aramaic estrangelo script. the two witnesses.

What do you mean by that last part there? "the two witnesses" Are you relating the Hebrew and Aramaic languages to Revelation 11 somehow, where is speaks of the two witnesses?
As far as I can tell, these are not Hebrew or Aramaic words.
What I can say for certain, though, is that the Gematria values of these two are 19-94 respectively.
hello Mr. Woe <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/wink1.gif" alt="Wink" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink -->

so i dont know why , but the number 3 has great importance. it is being thrown at me and mine in massive corilations. like the last chapter of john. much to research.
i said: the text was from left to right 3 hebrew script and 3 aramaic estrangelo script. the two witnesses
Deuteronomy 17:6 i could list them all but im sure you are able to find them throughout the old and new testiment. what are the two witnesses of the Tanakh. the Hebrew and the Aramaic
what are the two to three witnesses in the new testament. The Aramaic, the Hebrew by quotes in the new testament to the old testament, and the greek (useful if not questionable).
so if the example is set and undeniable in the old and new testament. what other option is there? and if you know the answer does it make a differance? to me it is only the utter perfection
of the plan of the master.

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