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Aramaic translation of Psalm 137
I decided to look at it, since it's one of the most well know psalms for Israelis. Mainly the most famous verse "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cleverness.". I noticed that this verse, in the Aramaic version, had something added to it in the beginning. From what I understand the "translated" verse says that that sentence is said by the holy ghost. Is it a Christian thing? If so, why does it exist only in the Aramaic version?
What verse are you speaking of?
The Peshitta TNK and it reads parallel to the Hebrew. The Targum of the Psalms reads as you have spoken. If you didn't know, neither of these texts were produced by Christians.
Here is Dr. Cook's translation of the verse in question:
Targumic Psalms Wrote:5. The voice of the Holy Spirit* replies and says, "If I forget you, O Jerusalem, I will forget my right hand."
* Voice of the Holy Spirit: an echo from heaven.
As Cook's note hints at, we can liken this unto the spirit 'hovering' over the waters.

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