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"Woman" or "WIFE" and Yeshua's teaching on adultery
How could Yeshua say that anyone who looks at a WOMAN lustfully has committed adultery with her in his heart? Where is the Torah basis for this, UNLESS the woman is another man's wife?

Rabbi Adam Bernay of "Why Believers in Jesus should Keep the Torah" (see link at bottom) suggests that Yeshua's teaching on looking lustfully at a "woman" is more than likely really looking at another man's "WIFE", since Torah says nothing of a man committing adultery unless it involves a married woman. Of course, Yeshua is establishing fences for adultery, but isn't it impossible for a man to commit adultery outside of another man's "wife"?

On pg. 57-59 of Rabbi Bernay's book he references the NAS Greek and Hebrew Lexicons which yield the following possibilities for "woman," "wife," "female": Greek word "gune 1:776,134" and Hebrew word "ishshah" TWOT - 137a"

I'm hoping that someone here might be able to tell me if the Aramaic word originally used could translate as "wife" instead of "woman," thereby validating Yeshua's teaching with the Torah.

Rabbi Bernay's book is available for online viewing. See pg. 57-59
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Hi Thomas,

The Aramaic word used is attetha which generally means "woman" but also more specifically a "married woman" / "wife". So you have the same nuance in the Aramaic as well.

Please see enclosed extract from page 22 of Payne Smith's A Compendious Syriac Dictionary:
[Image: ps-022.jpg]

Thank you so much Lars; that was exactly what I was looking for. This appears to offer us the ability to refute the argument that Y'shua was doing away or superseding Torah with his own "New Testament" rules. There is a beautiful match when we consider that Y'shua's teaching was establishing a fence against this Torah prohibition below more so than just looking lustfully at women (not to say that it's a good idea):

"You do not covet your neighbour's wife..."
Deuteronomy 5:21, Exodus 20:17
Correct me if i am wrong, but in the torah law, if a married woman has intercoure with an unmarried woman, does he not commit adultery? It seems you are saying the torah teaches only if both are married, it is adultery?

Actually,i always thought Jesus' words were more expressed in Job 31:1, but it suffers a lot of clarity in the english translation.

And it needs to be said, most false doctrine stems from people making what it could mean to be the only acceptable interpretation. There is a reason the Bible has more than a thousand pages though. Not saying you are wrong though.

Ethic laws in the Torah, are basically simple, but always reason to discussion for those who want exact borders of 'what is possible or not' or 'what is sin or not' (since those people have not let develop their godly concience) as you can understand of the NT.

If one of the two are married, this is adultery.

What I personally do understand of Yeshu's sermon, is that moral laws NOT only apply to women, but to males also. In the middle-east, even in the Islam, it seems that males never are guilty of adultery. It's always the women that get caught red handed, and they are stoned to death. Even the story of John 8 shows the that mindset of some Middle-East people, which still exists.

So, this was one of the things that our Teacher teached us! Men, YOU are responsable for your deeds! Do not consider a 'wife-swap' as an easy thing. The reaction to this teaching from his (male) disciples was a stupefaction at this. (Matthew 19:10)

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