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Gospel of John shows our Lord to be Mary's only child
Dear beloved in Yashua,Berek Alaha! El Messeah Quam!!! Christ is Risen. In our ancient Holy Orthodox christian tradition not only do we know of the perpeptual virginity of St.Mary and that the siblings of our Mari Yashua were the sons and daughters of St.Joseph from his previous deceased wife as he was an aged widower when the virgin St.Mary was divinely entrusted into his care,we also know her to be ever virgin and that she remained a virgin as she was the human vehicle through whom Maryah incarnated into the flesh as His ikhaydaya and only begotten son Yashua Msheekha.One of many scriptural prophetic passages about the perpeptual nature of St.Mary's virginity is found in Ezekial chpt 44;1-2;Then He brought me back by way of the gate of the outer sanctuary which looks towards the east and behold it was shut.Then the Lord said to me this gate shall be shut.It shall not be opened,and no man shall enter by it,because the Lord,the God of Israel shall enter by it'therefore it shall be shut.In Yashua,Deacon Michael.

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