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New Moderators

The following members have been assigned a "Full Moderator" role:

(a) Andrew Gabriel Roth
(b) Keefa (abudar)
© Christina
(d) Stephen Silver

Thank you all for your continued contributions and help. I trust each of these individuals completely and know that they will work with everyone to ensure that it is a rare incident that any moderation actually occurs.

Also of note: none of these moderators need my approval for any action they deem, individually or collectively, to be necessary to keep the forum on track and true to our mission.

They do have full moderator control of every sub-forum on this board. They have the ability to edit or delete posts that I may make which violate any of the rules of the forum. They can ban users, for any period of time or indefinitely, including myself.

I have purposely chosen a group that represents a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs. I pray you make their jobs as relatively easy as mine has been over the years and they really don't have much to do.


+Shamasha Paul

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