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Proving Aramaic Primacy by showing it falsibility??
Dave, how are you?? Here is a quick question that may lead to a not so quick answer. I am sure you are aware that in the field of science - in order to prove an hypothesis to be true you must also be able to show how it falsifiable. concerning the Bible Code of the Peshitto or even the Peshitta, have you attempted of trying to locate ELS by taking out one book of the New Testament?? To my knowledge you have been working exclusively with the 27 book Western Peshitto and your results for short Bible codes have yielded enormous and colossal results. Now try taking just one book and see what you get. What happens or what do you expect to occur?? I would think that your search for ANY Bible codes would come up negative. If this were the case it would even be further proof of Aramaic Primacy.

Now, how about swapping two books like taking Luke and place it where 1 John is located and, Likewise, place 1 John where Luke is. If you can do this your search for any bible codes should mess it up and your results should be negative. Have you tried to prove falsibiblity of the theory of Bible Codes by doing any these or any like method within the scope of the Aramaic New Testament??

Thank-you Dave

just a thought

Mike Karoules

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