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the plural for master
Shlama Ookama,

In Aramaic, words are almost always spelled the same in the singular and plural....the difference indicated by special markings we call "seyame" (two dots typically above the lowest-profile letter in the word).

However, there are notable exceptions to the above rule. One of these exceptions, for instance, is when a word is formed with what's called a "weak 3rd-radical" (meaning that the third letter (radical) is weak, i.e., an Aleph, Yodh, Ayin, etc.) the plural is formed by inserting a Yodh between the second and 3rd (weak) radical.

How this plays out with M-R-A ("lord" with a lower-case) is because the 3rd-radical is weak (an Aleph), the plural becomes M-R-Y-A.

HOWEVER, and this is the key, the above word does not become "Marya", as in the title given to God alone. It is not even pronounced the same.

The above word, plural "lords", is pronounced "ma-ra-ye".

Hope that made sense.

It just so happens that the two have the same 4 consonants, but this is only due to accidental grammatical convention.

-Shamasha Paul

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