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Comparison of Peshitta and "Old Syriac" Gospels
If you are interested in comparing how the Peshitta differs from the "Old Syriac" Gospels, I have produced a book which compares these in a readable and very accessible format. The Greek of Scrivener's text, which is essentially that of Codex Bezae, the Peshitta, and the Sinaiticus and Curetonian Gospels, are shown compared verse-by-verse throughout the gospels. The Aramaic text is shown in Hebrew square characters because this will probably make the book more accessible. Also, colour is used to illustrate the differences between the Peshitta and the Old Syriac texts, and between the two Old Syriac texts themselves. There are a lot of differences between the Old Syriac texts themselves!
This book will be indispensable for those who want to explore the Peshitta more fully and compare it with the Old Scratch, and verify the many things stated about the Old Scratch on this forum.
The book is available on Lulu. There is a black & white version:
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and a colour version:
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- Ewan MacLeod
Shlama Ewan,

This appears to be a very valuable tool. Thank you for the hard work you put into this.

Priceless, Ewan. Great job!
My God, Ewan. How we needed this all this time!
Shlama Akhi Ewan,

I just downloaded your aforementioned book. It is a great work, and will be very valuable. I know I will be referring to it often.
One note of clarification. Scrivener's Greek edition 1898 is based on Beza's 1598 Greek edition (also called Textus Receptus, which was used by KJV translators), not Codex Bezae, which is a 5th or 6th century Greek Uncial manuscript.

Thanks much for this volume!



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