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Greetings & Hello, everyone
I am a Muslim and I am new here and I would greatly appreciate, if someone can locate the exact words in Aramaic from the original NT in Aramaic for the following:

Quote:John 20:28Thomas said to him, "My Lord and my God!"

I believe that Thomas must have said,"My master and my Lord!" or "My Rabbi and my Lord!"
The word Lord does not have necessarily to be equal to the LORD for God Almighty.

The reason: In John 13:6-7, we find Jesus telling his disicples "I, your Lord and Teacher" and "You call me "Teacher and Lord."

It also struck me in the following non-canon book, when I read what I have emboldened and that tallies with what Jesus said as reported by John.

22 At Simon's house in Bethany the men from Galilee had met. It was the evening of the first day of the week, and on the morrow all would turn their faces toward their homes. 23 THe eleven apostles all were there: the doors were closed and barred, and Jesus came and said, Peace be to all! 24 And then he said to Thomas, Friend, you do not know that I have risen from the dead; the time has come for you to know. 25 Come here and see the nail prints in my hands, the spear wound in my side, and talk with me as you have often talked with me. 26 And Thomas came and saw and then exclaimed, My master, and my Lord! I do not now believe, I know that you are risen from the dead. 27 And Jesus said, Because you see me you believe, and blessed are your eyes; 28 But blessed thrice are they who see me not and yet believe. 29 Then Jesus vanished from their sight, but the disciples were established in their faith.

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Welcome to the forum.

The transliterated text from Eastern Aramaic is:

"Mari wa'Alahi" (my Lord and my God)

In Hebrew this is:

"Adonai ve'Elohai" (my Lord and my God)

Thanks, Ya'aqub

BMZ, I already told you this over on JHR. Did you think I would lie to you? Yonah even confirmed it, and so did George. What's up with this?

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