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Could Somebody Please Explain This Passage To Me?
I wanted to make an additional note here. This reminds me of the Lord's words where He said, "If you love Me, keep My Commandments."

His Holiness in his latest Nativity message said, "Those of us who will keep this commandment of God, will be capable of keeping the entirety of these Divine Commandments. Please note, however, a human being can not love when we fail to keep the greatest of these commandments.... It is these very commandments which serve our benefit; provided we keep these commandments, we will live in joy and harmony with one another in our sojourn upon this earthly sphere."

If we love Yeshua we will do everything He says to do and this includes sharing the Gospel with our neighbor whom we are supposed to love. If we aren't faithful in doing this then we have a problem.

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