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Could Somebody Please Explain This Passage To Me?
Shlama Albion,

While this whole passage has a lot of theological implications, I would like to say that it needs to be read within the context to get the "whole picture".

On the simple side, the "talent" belonged to the master and never really belonged to the "evil and slothful servant". It was simply entrusted to him to bear fruit with it, which he did not. The master of the servant took what was already his (the master's). The talent never really belonged to the "servant".

We must be faithful in what we are provided with. We are soujourners in this world like our father Awraham. We own no possessions. What the Lord gives us is really only entrusted to us and whatever that is, we should use it to His glory. If we squander it, or waste it away or don't even use it at all, then we haven't been good servants. Then the Master comes and separates the sheep from the goats, the faithful from the unfaithful.

MarYah expects us to be faithful in all that we have been entrusted with.

I'm sure there are others here who can elaborate on this passage and related ones much more than I did above. I try to look at the simple side of things.

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