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Janet Magiera's Peshitta New Testament
Shlama Jhguynn,

While I don't have Janet Magiera's Software package, I DO have her "Peshitta" N.T.

If you look at the bottom of some pages she will give the Eastern text of the P'shitta variant readings.

I forget exactly, but I think that she says something to this effect:

"The Eastern textual variant says such and such......."

I think that maybe in her short introduction that she also says that she is translating from the Peshitto, but I'm not sure.

Also, in her "Peshitta N.T." Acts 20:28, and Hebrews 2:9, are BOTH from the Western Peshitto.

I really thought that her "Peshitta" was "Western Peshitto Lite" (not near as filling, nor does it taste the same as the Eastern P'shitta N.T.! lol).

I hope that this helps.

Shlama, Albion

jhguynn Wrote:I recently acquired Bibleworks version 7 and was delighted to learn that it comes with a copy of Janet Magiera's Peshitta New Testament. Then I read here that it is supected to be the Peshitto rather than Peshitta. Can anyone elaborate on how we can be certain that it is really the Peshitto (and not the Peshitta)?

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