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Your Favorite Translation (Everyone Welcome)
Shlama Khathi Christina,

Quote:My favourite version is Younan's interlinear, with Bauscher's interlinear coming a close second.
I am greatly honored! I have great respect for Paul Younan and his work and knowledge of Aramaic. He asked me to be a translator on his translation team to finish the NT, but we never seemed to pull together as a team and each went his own way. I decided to translate the NT on my own, using Paul's as a model template in his original approach, though translating all from scratch, following no base translation.

I like Paul's bold originality in departing from conventional translations. I would describe mine as guided by the same Spirit of boldness and originality, while remaining true to Aramaic grammar, idiom & sense. His work truly inspired me to give a word for word accurate English rendering of the whole original New Testament text, in which I had discovered abundant Divine encoding, as I describe in my book, Divine Contact.

I think Paul Younan has captured the imagination of many and inspired them to search into The Peshitta and Aramaic for the Truth and God's voice. I can honestly say that I can hear God's pure and sweet voice in The Aramaic Peshitta-Peshitto (Both). I have rediscovered our Lord Jesus' (Yeshua's) words, Deity and beauty in a very powerful way, and truly want all people to see and know Him as He has revealed Himself to me, hence my translations. I have recently published The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English which is derived from the interlinear. I expect that to eventually supersede the interlinear, since most people will not read an interlinear, but want an easy to read prose English translation.

I will soon publish a revision of the latter with some corrections and revised translation, though very much the same as before. I will also be publishing both the interlinear and the Plain English in one volume, with interlinear on the left and the parallel Plain English on the facing right page.

A good friend in Australia has someone writing a program which will produce a concordance of The NT and of The Tanakh, when done. It will also generate a dictionary, identifying root words and a number associated with each word.

I am also about 33% through The Psalms interlinear and am translating the Tanakh as such in sections: Torah, Writings and Prophets. That will be a project for at least 3 more years to complete.

Many blessings to you in your translation endeavors, also, Christina.

Nebrak lak Alaha,

Dave Bauscher

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