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Your Favorite Translation (Everyone Welcome)
Thank you for your great replies. I really appreciate you answering soo swiftly!
A feww days ago I ordered Lamsa's Bible. How's it different? What is your view on this text?

Also, this is the first time I heard of "Peshitta". I googled "aramaic bible" and got this great forum! How is the Peshitta different from the Bible such as KJV, NIV, ect.? From what I researched so far, some of the wording is different however, the message is still basically the same. Do you agree? Some say the Peshitta is heretical.

Like I said. I'm just scratching the surface of these scriptures. I believe God has really put it in my heart to search deeply into His Word.
Where can I learn aramaic writing and speach?

In God,

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