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Your Favorite Translation (Everyone Welcome)
Dear Jason,

Here's the format of 'The Way International's Aramaic/English Peshitta NT':

The format of The Way International's Interlinear Aramaic/English 3 Volume New Testament is like this:

One one side of the page (the page is split in half) is The King James Version of the New Testament, the other half of the page is an English translation of the Syriac P'shitta.

On the facing page, is the English sentence on top and underneath, is the Syriac in Estrangela letters.

There is a very unique way of numbering the English showing which word to read next.

You just need to see it to understand what I'm saying here.

I REALLY encourage other's doing an interlinear P'shitta NT translation to follow suit here, it makes this translation infinately easier to read, or at least it did for me!

I BELIEVE if one applied oneself, that one MIGHT be able to learn to at least read Estrangela Syriac, if one really studied intensely over time.

The accompanying Concordance (and it's dictionary) would really help one to do this.

I can't say enough good things about this set of study tools.

Every real student of the Peshitta NEEDS to have these resources at hand.

How something done in *1985*, could still hold up so well in 2007 (almost 2008), amazes me!

But Maryah is GOOD isn't He?

Shlama, Albion

P.S. I would NOT have wasted space with the KJV if it was ME, but The Way Int. must have held this text (KJV) in a very high place.

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