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New Translation of The Peshitta published!
Shlama Kalkown (Greetings y'all),

This site was down when I published my Aramaic New Testament in Plain English on November 10, so I am letting you know now.
I have based this on my Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament, which contains the entire text of The 1920 Critical edition of The Peshitta New Testament (also called the 1905 edition). This text is also found in The 1979 ABS Syriac Bible in the NT portion. It represents a collation of 42 mss. in the Gospels, about 14 in the Epistles of Paul and about 7 in the General Epistles. Revelation is based on The Crawford ms. alone. That is 64 Peshitta mss. in toto for the NT- Palestinian Syriac mss., Pocock Epistles and Crawford.

In the interlinear, I have used the Aramaic Ashuri script for the Aramaic text, as I believe it better represents what the first century originals used, although I have illustrated in many places how a Greek translator may have easily misread an Aramaic letter and thereby mistranslated the Peshitta (this happens in The Crawford as well) and created a different reading, or readings. There are over a hundred such examples, comparing Estrangela, Dead Sea Scroll, Ashuri and Greek scripts (miniscule and Uncial). All of them demonstrate that The Greek was translated from The Aramaic text used in this edition. They cover all 27 books of the NT.

The Aramaic New Testament in Plain English (and four other of my books on the Aramaic NT) is available at my web site:
All books are available in printed hardback, as downloadable pdf files, some in paperback also. You can also purchase all five of my books on CD for $19.99, and get them all in color, which is very helpful in the many highlighted illustrations I have in both NT's and in Divine Contact, et al. All single download files are $9.99 ; even less for Divine Contact.The Plain English translation has most of the notes the interlinear has, though reduced in size.

The interlinear is 800 pages; the Plain English translation is available in larger or smaller print (8.5x11 & 6x9), 625 & 585 pages respectively)

Tishbowkhta l'Alaha Avown wal Maran Meshikha wal Rukha d'koodsha
(Glory to God our Father, to our Lord The Messiah and to The Spirit of Holiness)

Dave Bauscher

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