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On Thinking About Evil
I wrote this letter (publically) when Forums had been hacked, and I felt that NO ONE actually believed me about the Forums being hacked.....but I knew in my heart that it was TRUE.

I can actually remember when the Russians launched Yuri Gargain into space. <!-- s:nervous: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/nervous.gif" alt=":nervous:" title="Nervous" /><!-- s:nervous: -->

When he arrived in orbit, he announced to Russian ground control that he didn't SEE God in space, so obviously the Communists were right, and God did NOT exist. lol

Evil is like this too.

It (usually) can't be seen, touched, smelled, heard, or tasted, so perhaps it's does NOT exist either!

Evil takes for granted it's power of invisibility.

Why wouldn't it?

It seems that from the Gospels that Yeshua could see the devil and demons as well. But to a lot of Believers, both Messianic and Christian, the devil is like a comic book character, or something read about in the Bible, but not really understood at real life.

I honestly think that we are in The End of Days, and in a time where evil is very much alive and well right here on our little blue planet.

Whenever evil attacks it does NOT stand up and say "Here I am coming to kick your booty!". No, it's much more subtle than that!

Usually it comes in disguise and hidden as something that most people either won't believe in, or they will have a very HARD time believing what evil is doing.

Look at the Shoah (the Holocaust), most of the American and British military was so unbelieving that this could actually happen, and WAS happening, that they did NOT bomb the rail lines that were carrying millions of Jews and others to their deaths daily!

Who could actually BELIEVE that this was really happening?

It was really EASIER to NOT believe it was happening, cause evil is so outlandish in it's schemes and goals, that well..........this was just too hard to believe!

It's the same now-a-days. Would Iran REALLY nuke Israel?

Or are these the threats of a little mad man, ranting in public?

Or, could this BE THE FACE OF EVIL?

Surely, this little Iranian man could not plunge the world into a 3rd World War?

But all we're seeing is the OUTWARD manifestation of something horrendously evil beginning to coil up like a poisonious snake that's ready to strike.

Evil usually hides behind those who appear to be little men (and women) that are not capable of very much.

And besides it's easier to NOT believe in all of this, than it is to believe in it.

And those who are saying "Wake up, see this before it's too late!" usually we think of them as kooks, and their rantings just come from a troubled mind.

We think of them as "crazy".

But maybe they are not so crazy, but they have been given a dose of reality, that we've never had.

And they see evil for exactly what it is.

Maybe WE are the one's deluded, or asleep.

And maybe it's time for us to wake up and to try to understand evil for what it really is.

Before it happens to US.

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