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Errors in the Peshitta OT from the Leiden instittute.
You havn't been paying attention , Dave. Steve Caruso and Paul Younan have both pointed out that The Peshitta contains that so called "idiom" more often than The Old Syriac does. I have also found that out myself.

You can't seem to do anything but upchuck what others have already upchucked. Why is that?

. Trimm is a full blown fraud , as is his so called scholarship. I could prove that Alice in Wonderland is the original New Testament by his methods , and that Saddam Hussein is The Messiah. What is sad is that people accept his statements and are too lazy to learn and study the facts for themselves.

Your words have no weight because they're not even your words. You simply blog quotes from hither and yon, anyone who seems to differ from my viewpoint. Neither you nor they have read the gospels , from Aramaic & Greek, much less translated them, as I have. Before the year is out, I will have translated most of The NT from Aramaic to English. Babe Ruth said, "It ain't braggin if you can do it." So I ain't braggin.

You can blog all the encyclopedias you want. I have already read most of those articles. Most of what is written about The Peshitta NT is simply wrong, Dave. Same applies to The Greek NT primacy.
I have researched it for thousands of hours and written thousands of pages on the subject. I have prayed and I have listened, and God has spoken, and continues to speak.

Greek is on the way out. It became clearer when Mel Gibson's
Quote:The Passion
came out as such a blockbuster, mostly in Aramaic and a little Latin. No English was spoken, yet it outsold everything else !
It may take years for people to wake up, but wake up they will. And when they do, I will be ready to teach them the original Gospel and New Covenant from the Inspired and perfect scriptures.

You say The Peshitta is not the original and inspired text, but I challenge you to show me the original for one chapter of scripture !

Hebrew Matthew is corrupt in both versions. But even if it weren't, where is the original for the other 26 books ?
Old Syriac has two mss. each differing from the other 50% of the time; neither has more than the Gospels; neither one has even all of the Gospels !

And we're supposed to rely on the Guesstament Testament you and Paul trettep conjure up from internet bloggers who slice and dice the readings that their cult doesn't agree with ?

You apparently gave up on Hebrew also. You could have been through an Introductory Grammar by now, if you had put half your blogging energy into studying .

Yeah, I know, you have the Holy Ghost. Some people think He is a shortcut to knowledge and spiritual authority, but He is not a shortcut.
If you are mentally lazy after you claim to have Him, you never met Him in the first place.

The one sure sign that a person has met God is that he/she wants to learn more of Him and His word. I was always reading and studying my Bible
when I first met Him, and I have never stopped for thirty two years since.

Anyone who has The Holy Spirit loves The Holy Book. When I hear people tearing it apart, I know they do not have the Holy Spirit in them. And it makes me very sad, and angry, especially when it comes from one claiming to be a born again Christian.

I could never be so flippant about The Holy Spirit
and the word of God as you and Paul Trettep have been. I really am not interested in how you would edit the Bible and reshape the Godhead, etc.

Anyone who is interested in such things is an idiot
and a fool.
Get my NT translations, books & articles at :
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I also have articles at

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