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Nestorianism, Hypostasis, Chalcedonianism, etc.
I don't know much about those histories but as for what comprises Jesus I think I know. A Spirit is nature - its the substance of thought and thinking that comprises one. For example if you describe someone to someone else you would be describing that person's "spirit". So what happens is that through knowledge and acceptance of the knowledge you change your spirit. In fact this is how your own spirit was already shaped. Your own spirit was shaped by the knowledge you received through your senses up till now. Now what happens is that God communicates Knowledge (Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God) and now your mind changes again to comprehension of divine matters and you are now being submerged into the Holy Spirit or Spirit of the Father. You take on what is represented by His nature (His name) as is communicated by His Word (Jesus - the image).

We should look at the product of God's creation to see His ways. The way we are transformed by knowledge is how God continues to transform our minds to that of Christ by a differing knowledge that He gives us comprehension thereof and thus by development in that knowledge we are submerging into the Spirit of God.


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