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History lesson from Syriac dictionary
Shlama l'kulkhon,

Akhan paul quoted from Bar Bahlul's work pertaining to 'gamla' meaning 'rope' or 'camel.' Here's a historical quote from John Gill concerning Sosthenes.

******* {QUOTE FROM JOHN GILL} ******
1Co 1:1 - Paul called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ....
through the will of God..........

and Sosthenes our brother. This seems to be the same man, who was the chief ruler of the synagogue of the Jews at Corinth; and was converted to the Christian faith by the Apostle Paul whilst there, as appears from his favouring the cause of the apostle, for which the Jews beat him before the judgment seat, and yet Gallio the Roman deputy took no notice of it, Act 18:17, in the Syriac dictionary (a) mention is made of one Sosthenes, governor of a city, one of the seventy disciples, who was educated at Pontus, and cast into the sea by the order of Nouna; and is also said to be bishop of Colophon in Ionia; see Gill on Luke 10:1; but without any reason.

(a) Bar Bahluli apud Castel. Lex. Polyglott. col. 2444. Vid. Euseb, Eccl. Hist. l. 1. c. 12.
*********** {END OF QUOTE} *********

I wonder how many of the Seventy Paul worked with and wrote to besides Sosthenes! As hot as the persecution was and as widespread as their ministry was...probably not too many, huh?

Shlama w'Burkate, Larry Kelsey

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