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Romans 15:31
September 27, 2004

I need help in Romans 15:31 with the word translated "disobedient" by Lamsa and NASB but translated "unbelievers" by NIV and other Bible translations" Are there two different Greek words involved? What is the Aramaic word, and what can it mean? Was Paul referring to unbelieving non-Christian Jews or to disobedient Christians in Jerusalem?

Thanks for your help....

The Greek texts all seem to have apeitheo which means both
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Out of curiosity I consulted with various other translations and other language editions:

Murdock reads, "who believe not"; Etheridge reads, "them who believe not"; Delitschz (Hebrew) reads "disobedient ones"; BSI reads "disobedient ones"; Almeida reads "rebellious", Reina-Valera reads "rebellious".

The word can mean "disobedient ones", "rebellious ones", "stubborn ones", etc. All on the lines of "unbelieving" and "disobedient."

The question remains however, since Mar Shaul/Paul made mention of "the saints in Jerusalem", could this have been referring to the Believers in the Messianic Ministration or to those who were "stubborn" to hear and not believing in the new ministration of Mshikha? I tend to believe that Mar Shaul/Paul was referring to Israelites who were stiff necked and showed opposition to the Gospel in the same area where he was going to where the "saints in Jerusalem" resided as well.

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September 28, 2004

Dear Chris and James:

Thanks for the helpful comments.

What is the corresponding Aramaic word in the Peshiita and what are it's possible meanings?


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