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Dr. Bruce Metzger - caught in blatant lies
Bruce Metzger - caught in blatant lies

From his lecture "Highlights from the Serom on the Mount", 1992. The chief NT text and NT Greek scholar caught in blatant lies about the Peshitta:

"He grew up in Galilee. In the north, Galilee was called, "Galilee of the Gentiles." Many gentiles living in Galilee -- many more in proportion to Jewish people than in Jerusalem. Naturally Jewish people living in Galilee would be bilingual. For business reasons. And I think that Jesus was bilingual, and on some occasions would speak in Greek."

You see, Assyrians do not exist. The only gentiles that ever existed ONLY spoke Greek...

"But the "no" part to your question is this: We have no records in manuscript form of the gospels in Aramaic. There are no Aramaic documents of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John left. All we have are Greek documents of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. So -- except for these four fossils that are left embedded in the text of Mark, the four brief statements or words in Aramaic from Jesus -- no! And people today that sell books and say, "Oh, here, I have translated the Aramaic documents of the gospels" -- they are frauds. They're out for our money. Don't be taken in by such works."

Is he for real? As if he does not know of the Peshitta, Peshitto and Old Syriac Gospels. A blatant lie if I ever saw one!

"George Lamsa, L-A-M-S-A, who in the 1940s persuaded a reputable publisher of the Bible in Philadelphia, the Winston Publishing Company, to issue his absolute fraud, of 'the Bible translated from the original Aramaic.' Absolutely a money getter, and nothing else.

He said that 'the whole of the New Testament was written in Aramaic,' and he 'translates it from the Aramaic,' but he never would show anybody the manuscripts that he translated from."

Didn't Lamsa say it was Peshitta? Didn't the publisher even say in the book what texts are used?

Why is it that even the most revered and maybe most educated person on the Greek NT, needs to resort to such blatant lies? Why is it that "amateurs" who adhere to the Aramaic needn't tell a single lie?

Dr. Metzger, you have earned a spot in my book - your lies have not gone unnoticed. The common people will see the great corruption amongst the "great Bible scholars".
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Was the New Testament Really Written in Greek?
byrnesey Wrote:Bruce Metzger - caught in blatant lies


I know this guys is considered to be a big Bible authority etc. is there any kind of a claim to fame how he got this reputation? Has he published some big books or something that people ate up.. or something. I guess if we get involved in debating Aramaic primacy, we really should study this guys background. It would really help a lot besides the usual citing historical facts and records etc. when it comes to refuting his claims.

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